And now, a picture of a Corgi pup.

Because everyone loves Corgis, I thought I’d share a picture of my new Corgi pup, Maxine. She joins our Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab Mix,  Ruby.

So yes, we have Max and Ruby.

I used my Nikon D800 with the 24-85mm lens, and it turned out to be a great photo with only the lightest of color correction.

Of course, it could be the dog. She’s pretty darned cute.

A wonderful collaboration to dig deeper into the past, as I’ve discovered a root to the family tree.

I’ve written about my genealogical research before over at South Dakota War College, but I’m trying to move some of my hobbyist pursuits here, to keep that website more about politics.

I’m grinning ear to ear tonight, as through collaborating with a fellow researcher, I was able to make a breakthrough for the first time in three years as I was able to move past the first Powers in America.  I’d always hit a brick wall with Nicholas Powers, who came over from Ireland, had 8 kids, 5 of whom survived until adulthood, and worked in the paper mills of Massachusetts, and I could tell you nearly a dozen things about him.

Except, who his parents were.

This person who was doing a little digging was kind enough to point out a connection I hadn’t seen, which placed his birth in County Cork,  which proved that a record I’d suspected was possibly related, actually was, which further confirmed that a DNA link I saw from a fellow Powers, all led back to the same person.  I now know that Charles Powers  was my great-great-great-grandfather, and he was born in about 1805 in Ireland. In fact, he may have gone by Power without the “s” on the end, leaving it for Nicholas to add in the United States. .

His wife, and my great-great-great grandmother, was Catherine Riordan, and both lived in County Cork in Ireland, where they had Nicholas in July of 1831.

It also opens up an extended branch of the family I didn’t know existed, as my grandfather -also Charles Powers – had no siblings that lived to adulthood, and as my dad noted, growing up, he really didn’t know about the Powers’ side of the family.  Other than his mom Helene, who grew up largely in middle class Newport, RI, and his grandmother (his Father’s mother) Nellie, didn’t get along.

As I’ve been able to connect the threads obfuscated by time, it gives me a great sense of pride that my family seems just a little bigger tonight, and the hunt for additional knowledge begins anew.

Sweet 16, but not so old I can’t remember him being a kid.

It’s my son’s 16th Birthday today, and as he continues his inevitable march towards adulthood, I wanted to find a photo from the thousands I’ve taken that captures the essence of the boyhood he’s leaving behind.

I don’t think there’s anything that screams “I’m a boy” like using a blanket as a superhero’s cape and jumping on a trampoline in the backyard.

His younger brother was in on the action as well.

Crazy Deadwood nights with Betty White

It was announced yesterday that Kevin Costner’s Deadwood Casino – The Midnight Star – has closed the doors and laid off employees as Deadwood’s historic main street seems to be in the midst of a trend where casinos are leaving, and retailers are returning to the main street.

Deadwood is ok for a quick destination, but I’m not a big gambler. And I question how many people in their youth are going to be lured by games like this in one of the casinos:

Betty White’s Video Slots. Not exactly a lure for a young demographic.

Going on the air…

It’s called Daktopia, mashing together Dakota (a familiar term in my on-line life) and utopia… because we live in a little slice of heaven. And it is utopia.

It might seem odd that I’m starting a second website, but outside of political buttons, I have a number of interests outside of politics that don’t work very well outside of the world I’ve created at

I enjoy photography… in particular my Nikon camera, and the lenses I pick up here and there. I’m spending time trying to learn to be a better photographer, and there’s so much I know I don’t know. But you have to start somewhere.

I also have the occasional hobby project, thoughts about pop culture, comic books, life in general, my goofy dog and more.

So I’ll start a new experiment, this website, which will be updated irregularly.

And let’s see where things take us.