Going on the air…

It’s called Daktopia, mashing together Dakota (a familiar term in my on-line life) and utopia… because we live in a little slice of heaven. And it is utopia.

It might seem odd that I’m starting a second website, but outside of political buttons, I have a number of interests outside of politics that don’t work very well outside of the world I’ve created at Dakotawarcollege.com.

I enjoy photography… in particular my Nikon camera, and the lenses I pick up here and there. I’m spending time trying to learn to be a better photographer, and there’s so much I know I don’t know. But you have to start somewhere.

I also have the occasional hobby project, thoughts about pop culture, comic books, life in general, my goofy dog and more.

So I’ll start a new experiment, this website, which will be updated irregularly.

And let’s see where things take us.


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